About us

The mission of Charity Compass Foundation is to develop the Hungarian charity sector by increasing the awareness and transparency of the organisations, developing and promoting internal and external relations and partnerships within the sector, supporting company-NGO relations, network co-operation and fundraising activities of charity organisations and developing and promoting volunteering activities. We would like to help the development of more and more measurably productive organizations in the sector.

Our main activity is the development of civil society and organizations in the following areas:

  • developing organizational skills
  • promoting co-operation within the sector and among sectors
  • promoting and supporting issues helping the whole sector.

In our work we focus on developing and providing services and programs helping a wide range of organisations. In addition to these activities we also offer consulting services as well.

Our main clients are charity organisations, our major cooperating partners are companies, individuals, experts and the media willing to support the development of the charity sector.

Our team members offer their NGO background and experiences to serve of the goals of the Foundation.

Transparency is very important for us, this is why we have joined the Self-regulatory Board of Fundraising Organisations. The related documents can be found here (available only in Hungarian)

Our team

Balázs Cseh - president of the Board of Trustees

Balázs has more than 25 years of experience in the charity sector. He was on of the founding member of the Hungarian Food Bank Association in 2005 where he is still the president of the Association. In the Food Bank Balázs participated in fundrasing of several billion Forints worth of donations. Since 2009 he is a member of the Board of the European Federation of Food Banks. In 2011 he received the „Volunteer of the Year” award from the Volunteer Centre Foundation. Since 2012 he is the spokesman of the Self-Regulatory Board of Fundraising Organizations. He is also one of the founders and organizers of Charity Award program.

Judit Oprics - member of the Board of Trustees

Judit is a sociologist, who’s working in the civil sector for 13 years. She takes part in the work of the Nonprofit Information and Training Center Foundation (NIOK) as a researcher, expert, program manager, and currently as deputy-director. She was leading the development the Social Negitiations Norm Program, the impact of which later also appeared in the legislation. The develpoment of the Code of Ethics and the organization of the Self-Regulatory Board of Fundraising Organizations are at her heart since its inception. She leads the Transparency Program of NIOK for years.

Péter Fejér - member of the Board of Trustees

Péter is an advisor in organizational development, managing partner of OD Partner Ltd. He’s mostly working with multinational companies, where he helps middle and senior managers in manegement development and change management programs. Péter doesn’t have big experience in the charity sector yet, in the Foundation’s work he’s trying to utilize his experiences and mindset from the corporate sector.

Veronika Szecsődi - program coordinator

Veronika has more than 10 years of experience in the coordination of charity organizations. She’s one of the founders of the Hungarian Food Bank Association, and is now responsible for the Assocatatoin’s partner organizations. She is the coordinator of Self-Regulatory Board of Fundraising Organizations, where she mainly takes part in the monitoring of new member organizations. Veronika is also involved in the coordination and consulting for organizations using the services of the Jougyekert.hu fundraising portal.

Emese Bagoly - project organizer

Emese graduated in Ethnology and Anthrpology at the university of Pécs, then got a degree from Human ecology at the Eötvös Lóránd University in Budapest. She spent her university years with social science research and with volunteering at a wide variety of NGOs from legal defense organizations to environmentalists. Since 2013 she carries out action research at local communities who lead an ecological lifestyle. She's began to work at Charity Compass Foundation in 2016.

Our Activities

Jóügyekért.hu (For Good Causes)

Jougyekert.hu is a peer-to-peer fundraising portal supporting fundraising through mediation of ambassadors. Peer-to-peer fundraising is still a new method in Hungary. The main actors of this kind of fundraising method are the Ambassadors, namely volunteers, who make a personal commitment to a given charity (Good Causes) - the commitment can be sport or anything else of other nature. The Ambassadors can expose their commitment (and also the Good Cause they whish to support) through their personal campaign page, they can prepare and publish on jougyekert.hu in a few minutes. More informations: http://www.jougyekert.hu/?Lang=en

ASZÖT (Self-Regulatory Board of Fundraising Organizations)

The Self-Regulatory Board of Fundraising Organizations was founded in 2012 with the main aim of strenthening trust and this was also the reasong of the development of the Fundraising Organizations' Code of Ethics, which was accepted by the founding organizations. The main cornerstones of the Code of Ethics are credibility, legitimacy, transparency and publicity. The tasks connected with the operations of ASZÖT (recruitment, monitoring of members, organizing the work of the boards, external communication) are managed by Charity Compass Foundation. 

Charity Award

Which is the most promising charity startup? Which was the best charity action last year, the project or the communication campaign with the highest impact? These are questions that are rarely answered. The Charity Award Program, co-organized by the Charity Compass Foundation, rewards the best organizations or programs from the non-profit sector in seven categories, thus drawing attention to the achievements and successes of NGOs.

CSR projects

First of all we undertake the construction and implementation of CSR projects based enterprise-civil cooperation, our main strength, that we know and understand „both sides” well enough to be able to establish such cooperation, from which all parties benefit maximum.

Int he course of the implementation of projects we can offer NGOs as a partner which fit th ebest to the given purpose, activity. As we have personal connection and working experience at more than a hundred Hungarian NGOs, so we can involve well referenced, reliable organizations in implementation.

For more




2017 we also awarded outstanding NGOs. The prizes of NIOK Foundation were given in a grand scale gala to the bests and finalists.

Congratulations to the finalists and we wish a great deal of success for their continued operation!

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Tel: +36 30/539 2273

Email: info@civiliranytu.hu

Adress: 57 Alma u 2100 Gödöllő HUNGARY